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Sub for Missing Chocolate: Cocoa Nib Rocky Road

TJ's was out of my fave chocolate...

A jar of cocoa nibs from our pre-Covid years sat on my shelf- hadn’t needed to resort to eating those again. UNTIL…supply chain shortages! With TJ’s out of stock on my Montezuma Unsweetened Chocolate, and THEN, their Extra Dark Pound Plus Chocolate Bar getting stuck on some cargo ship, I resorted to those cacao nibs after all.

In Honor of Jen’s Mom

Jen + Mom, 2011

In 2011, Jen’s mom came out on one more of many trips from Michigan. We didn’t know it would be her last, but the memories made will last a lifetime. All the memories. She and Jen’s dad were foundations for so much of The New Deli, in its food journey!

Chickening Out!

My hardware store friends say raising chickens is the latest Covid trend- their sales & inquiries testify. With a few tips, it’s been an easy, rewarding venture!