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Annual Summer Vacay

Hoop House for Windy, Cool Summer Gardens

The New Deli Team’s staying busy, while Jen “putters” in the garden. But we have a remodeled pond now, and a vegetable garden in a hoop house, and freshly laid eggs!

Memorial Day

Celebrating freedom that comes at great cost, this Memorial Day- John 8:36 says, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” Yay!

Green Day: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Going green is a big deal these days. I guess I should be proud to say we’ve been going green for a long time… recycling and composting deli scrap buckets since 1985, growing our own organic produce- that kind of thing. But such actions still won’t ever actually redeem us. Now what does that have…

Looking Up!

The New Deli is closed for President’s Day, Monday, February 20. Back Tuesday, though! Meanwhile, recent trends had me considering that old story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den,,,

Green Drink for Health in 2023

Mix of chlorella, ashwagandha & more, for natural thyroid health

A green superfood drink starts my day, every day. And I’m so excited- I got through the holidays with no weight gain. My husband gained, even though he and I ate mostly the same things. Except…maybe I ate less of the more “expensive” foods, since I felt so nourished by this routine. It works!